Who We Work With

Who Cave Direct work with

Since 1979 we have made it our business to seek out the world’s best beers and bring them to the UK. We started with one man and a truck driving through Belgium, but now also bring in craft beer from the USA, Norway and France as well as distributing for some of the UK’s best new craft brewers. We only work with people who are proud of what they create and put flavour and quality first.

From the traditions of the Belgian abbeys to the ultra-modern techniques of Lervig, we work with the widest range of breweries in the UK and have developed relationships that have lasted decades. Currently we work closest with Paulaner (Germany), Kona (USA), Lervig (Norwegian), Delirium, Lindemans and De La Senne (all Belgian) – but that is just a fraction of our 70-strong brewery portfolio. On top of that we bring in weekly specials from hundreds more fantastic producers. To browse our range click here and for advice email info@cavedirect.com or call 01622 710339.