Introducing the Cave Direct Future Four 2023

This year marks the launch of our Future 4 program, where we aim to give four UK breweries a national platform with the same support we offer our more established core breweries.  This being technical services, the expertise of our sales team of 13 people at their disposal and finally, the support of our marketing team to help them structure and have a large platform for their core products and new releases. 

We’ve partnered with these four brands as we believe they are breweries to back, who have the potential to grow to be some of the best in the game, and by collaborating with them now, we hope to provide them with the platform to grow, with us as their logistics partner.

We hope you agree with us that these four breweries are creating some amazing beer and that you will back them too by grabbing a few products and giving them a try!


Bullhouse was created by William Mayne after a road trip around the west-coast of the US, starting first with homebrewing on the farm he grew up in and building the brewery piece by piece, including a mash tun made form a converted catering fridge. The brewery as we know it was launched in March 2016

Today though, Bullhouse are a force to be reckoned with, their taproom (Belfasts first and still only permanent brewery taproom) is making waves at home but their beers have proven very popular here on the mainland and we think 2023 will be a big year for them!  

Core Products for 2023


Pilot was started back in 2011 by Matt Johnson and Patrick Jones who wanted to create something uniquely Scottish somewhere between the tried and tested traditional real ales and the US-style craft clones that were appearing at the time.

Fast forward over 10 years and their unique blend of humor, quality products and sustainability has helped them grow from strength to strength, even starting the Drinklusion initiative to support a variety of charitable causes  

Core Products for 2023


FLOC have been around for the shortest time of all of the Future 4, but they've really hit the ground running, producing hop-forward delicious beers to rival the likes of Deya & Verdant from an unassuming brewery in Canterbury

They also recently opened a beautiful taproom in Canterbury and have plans for a beer festival this year (Floc Together) so watch this space! 

Core Products for 2023

Full Circle Brew Co

Full Circle Brew Co are based in Newcastle upon Tyne since 2020 but the journey started years before that in Durham. In 2018, future FCBC founder Ben Cleary was running The Pip Stop, his bottle shop and e-commerce business selling fine wines, spirits and beers where he met future Full Circle Head Brewer Alex Redpath. Alex used to drop into the shop on a weekly basis to provide samples of his latest home brews and chat to Ben about the brewing industry. Alex had recently found he had quite the knack for brewing after entering the homebrew competitions, placing 1st and 3rd in his first entry and coming 1st every single time he entered after that.

We are very excited about working with Full Circle as they grow. They are leading from the front on technology and maximising efficiency and this means they have one hell of a core range. 

Core Products for 2023