The Cow - One of London's Finest Pubs

Another month, another #venuefeature! Rob our National On-Trade Account Manager visits The Cow located in a quiet terrace street in Westborne Park, West London. Unassuming to look at, but what lies inside is what could be considered one of the finest pubs in London. 

Sandwiched between a primary school and some very expensive houses sits a 2-story brick boozer called The Cow. It's unassuming to look at, but what lies inside is what could be considered one of the finest pubs in London. 

I first stumbled across The Cow many years ago but back then I had no idea of its history or the clientele it kept, but as soon as I walked in, I fell in love. The first thing I noticed upon stepping foot inside is the Guinness branding everywhere. Original artwork of toucans and zookeepers, reminding me that it was a "lovely day for a Guinness" hung from the walls and hand-drawn menus were written on the mirrors. It reminded me of pubs back in Ireland where I grew up. It has an authenticity that you rarely see in an "Irish bar" outside Ireland. I say "Irish bar" because in Ireland, we just call them pubs!

When I joined Cave, the following year, I noticed The Cow was listed as a customer and immediately asked for it to be put in my name and it's been in my account ever since. 

The Cow has actually been a customer of Cave's for over 20 years, originally buying De Konick and Hoegaarden from us. Not ones to jump "on trends", they have always searched for quality in their produce and something that makes them unique, making them the perfect partner for us! 

What makes The Cow so special isn't just the Guinness, it's Tom's attention to detail. As the owner of The Cow he ensures the artwork to the furniture and every changing food menu, is considered down to the finest details. Fresh Oysters sit on ice on the bar and get shucked in front of you, and their restaurant standard food features retro classics such as Chicken Kiev and Bangers 'n' Mash. The draught lineup is no exception to Tom's careful attention, with lager from Germany (Paulaner obviously), cider from the west country and the best local pale ales! The fridges have only the best too including: Augustiner, Orval, Westmalle and even a French Breton Cider. 


One thing The Cow does impeccably well is being a Public House. A place for all walks of life to come and feel at home. Their ability to welcome all stems from govener Tom but is cemented in place by top bar keeps: Petro and Luti, who have over 40 years of service under their belt between them at The Cow. 

What makes this place special isn't one thing, it's the sum of all its parts. Every aspect of the pub is so well thought out, it doesn't feel the need to constantly change, and the result is a boozer that feels like home every time you walk in. Slainte.